Online auctions have become one of the fastest growing industries in the country. eBay paved the way with its online, international offerings, and has expanded now from personal items sold by individuals to anyone, anywhere, selling pretty much anything. Retailers, wholesalers, and individuals use eBay to sell their goods.

But now hundreds, if not thousands, of online auction sites exist, and you can buy just about anything from them.

What is a Fast Track Auction?

Fasttrack Auction is a company based in Elyria, Ohio. However, the concept of a fast track auction is generally an online auction that takes place in a short period of time, making the auction items available for only a brief period of bidding.

Most fast track-type auctions have merchandise up for bid for a designated short period of time. Once items are won in the auction, they will be shipped to you by the seller, or they must be picked up by another designated time.

Fast Track Auction Companies and Sites

Before using any auction site, you should check out customer reviews, and the Better Business Bureau ratings. These will help you understand what kind of merchandise you’ll receive, the effectiveness and quality of service provided, and any other pertinent information regarding a particular business you’re bidding with.

Of course, you’ll also want to check multiple sites before diving in, since some sites tend to be slanted more in one direction over the other.

We’ve gathered some information here for you, on various fast track auction sites from around the country.

Fasttrack Auction Sales

Fasttrack Auction Sales is known for selling a variety of items, including building materials, commercial and heavy equipment, vehicles, estate auctions, household items, houses, store returns and inventory items, and restaurant equipment. Fast Track Auctions Columbus Ohio is one of the more well-known locations.

Fasttrack Auctions has received mostly complaints and bad reviews on Yelp, Rip Off Report, the Better Business Bureau, and various other sites where consumers rate the services, merchandise, and shipping provided by companies.

Many of these complaints include things like merchandise being shipped to incorrect addresses, merchandise not being available for pick-up, thefts, broken or damaged goods, and difficulty in getting refunds for items not delivered as promised. Other complaints described the warehouses as being unmanageable for finding purchased items.

We recommend avoiding this fast track type of auction company.

Bidfta Fast Track Auction

Bidfta Auctions or Fast Track It Auctions are one and the same, but they are not the same as Fasttrack Auctions. These auctions sell a variety of items, ranging from small kitchen appliances to skincare items, musical instruments, furniture, and drones in large numbers. If you’re in the market for just about anything, you’ll find it on this site.

Bidfta has also received mostly negative or neutral reviews on the Better Business Bureau. Most of the complaints involve advertisement issues and faulty products. While these reviews don’t cover every aspect of the company, we also recommend avoiding this one.

Other Ohio Auctions

You can go online to view purchasable items on any of these other Ohio auctions houses and sites. Be sure to check the Better Business Bureau, Yelp, Consumer Reports, and others for accurate, legitimate information on the positives and negatives of any auction sites.

Here are a few Ohio auctions and auction listings you can check out for just about anything you need:

  • Capital City Online Auctions LLC
  • Auction Ohio
  • Everything But the House
  • Columbus Online Auctions
  • Auction Guy
  • Wilson Auction LTD.
  • Velvet Cricket Online Auction and Gallery
  • Loveland Online Auctions
  • Hamilton County Online Public Auctions

Other Online Auction Sites

Of course, you don’t have to just shop Ohio auctions. You can branch out to worldwide auctions and online bidding sites with high ratings. Some of these can be a lot of fun to shop in, and many have been described as being “addictive.” Use caution as you shop, and set a budget for yourself whether you’re getting remodeling materials for your kitchen, or just having a little shopping therapy.

  • Global Auction Guide
  • Deal Dash
  • Top Hatter
  • Bonanza
  • Ebid
  • eCrater
  • Atomic Mall

Buyer Beware

Before you purchase anything at an online auction site, whether it’s from a place like Fasttrack Auction or Bidfta, eBay, Ebid, or Deal Dash, make sure you have some flexibility in your budget. While you never want to get ripped off, or have minor issues with items getting lost in shipping, you may want to make sure you’re not betting everything on that one item being perfect and arriving in time for special events.

Sellers can be honest, but they can also be out there to make money off of you. Ask questions, and don’t hesitate to seek a refund or discount on damaged goods, or merchandise that doesn’t arrive or arrives later than you need it.

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