The Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society is a non-profit. It’s dedicated to helping active and retired sailors, marines, their families, and survivors in need.

This assistance comes in many forms including

  • Financial help
  • Loans
  • Education assistance
  • Health education
  • Support for post-combat survivors
  • Emergency travel assistance
  • Disaster assistance
  • And more

The Navy and Marine Corps Relief Society works to directly help the men and women who have served our country. By giving to this organization, you put your money where it directly benefits others.

How the Navy Marine Corps Relief Society Gives Back

Navy Marine Corps Relief specifically states on its website that it is a volunteer, non-profit organization.

According to its 2016 financial review, the organization received over $61 million in the form of contributions, loan repayments, and proceeds from its thrift shops and other endeavors.

Types of Financial Assistance

Of that $61 million, they gave $45.1 million in financial assistance to retired and active military and their families. That’s almost 75%!

The Society provided that assistance in the form of basic living expenses, general and emergency transportation expenses, medical and dental expenses, education, funeral expenses, and more. Over 55,000 people received aid of some kind from the Society in 2016.

Financial Counseling

The Society also counsels those who need help balancing their budgets and planning their financial future. The Society’s goal is to teach active military, vets, and their families how to responsibly manage their income.

Programs and Education

In 2016, $20.8 million of the Society’s total income went back into programs. These programs include the Visiting Nurse Program and the Combat Casualty Assistance Visiting Nurse Program. Programs that allow nurses to provide in-home medical and mental health education, advice, and assistance to military families.

Other educational programs include Budget for Baby, a free workshop that teaches expecting parents how to manage their money after their baby arrives.

The Society also runs thrift shops on military bases that offer gently-used clothes, uniforms, toys, and household items at a discount.

How to Volunteer or Donate to the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society

As a 90% volunteer-run organization, there are plenty of opportunities at the Navy Marine Corps Relief Society if you’re looking to give back or donate funds.

How to Donate

The Society is fiscally responsible and a great one to donate to in order to support U.S. troops.

You can give a one-time donation to the Society through its website. If you’d like to do more, you can…

  • Set up monthly gifts
  • Include the Society in your will or estate planning
  • Organize a fundraiser
  • Donate a vehicle through the Vehicle Donation Program
  • Check to see if your company will participate in a Matching Gifts Program. Participating companies pledge to match all donations from their employees.

Volunteer Opportunities

There are countless opportunities to volunteer for the Relief Society. Their offices are located all over the United States, and they offer specialized training. Some volunteer positions are even online, so you volunteer from home.

Just a few volunteer positions include caseworkers, teachers, office support, volunteer leaders/coordinators, communications volunteers, and thrift store volunteers. Examples of volunteer roles are…

  • A caseworker works directly with clients to help them manage their finances, provides counseling, and more.
  • Teachers run workshops, like the Budget for Baby workshop.
  • Office support volunteers help run the Society’s offices. This might include maintaining records and databases, training volunteers, or planning special events.
  • A volunteer chair runs all volunteer operations at a specific office location. These people are leaders who spearhead groups of volunteers.
  • Communications volunteers help with writing and designing newsletters, articles, flyers, social media, and more. They may also write correspondence or give presentations about the Society in the local community.
  • Thrift shop volunteers work in the shops on military bases. Duties include operating cash registers to managing the store to creating displays.

Support Troops, Veterans, Combat Survivors, and Their Families

The Navy Marine Corps Relief Society is a worthy organization that dedicates itself to assisting sailors, marines, and their families. They provide financial relief, education, counseling, assistance, and support for tens of thousands of people every year.

If you want to support this cause, consider donating or volunteering at one of their many offices on military bases across the country.

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