If you’re looking for killer deals and deep discounts on just about any item you can think of, you need to know about Fast Track It Auctions.

This unique auction setting is totally online, including bidding. However, there’s a lot that sets this platform apart from other sites like eBay.

What Is Fast Track It?

Fast Track It is an auction platform and marketplace for bidding, buying, and selling.

How is it different from eBay? For one, this auction platform is for both individuals and businesses looking to buy or sell.

In particular, the company specializes in liquidating business assets. That includes office equipment, computer equipment, commercial restaurant equipment, automobiles and vehicles, retail inventory, building materials, and the list goes on.

How Does a BIDFTA Fast Track Auction Work?

All auction bidding and selling take place on BIDFTA’s website.

You can search for particular items by filtering the auctions by keyword, category, location, or seller. The company also regularly announces large auctions from major retailers and liquidation sales on their Facebook page.

1. Auction Details Page

Once you find items you want to bid on, you’re taken to the auction details page.

From there, you learn all the auction details – the seller, pick-up location, any special information (like whether shipping is available or you have to pick up items yourself), the auction closing date, and where you go to inspect items for sale in-person (if available).

This page also tells you the information you need to bring to the pick-up site in order to get your items. and what are accepted forms of payment.

Needless to say, it’s paramount to read this page carefully in order to have a good experience bidding on items (and winning!).

2. Auction Catalog Page

Every auction comes with an auction catalog. This is where you browse the entire inventory for sale in a specific auction. It’s also where you bid.

The catalog has photos of each item for sale along with a brief description and specifications. If you’re interested in something, but aren’t sure you’re ready to bid, you can add any item to your watchlist so you can keep an eye on bidding.

To the right of every item listing, you’ll see:

  • The number of bids the item currently has
  • The I.D. number of the highest bidder
  • The current amount the item is selling for
  • The next bid required in order to become the highest bidder
  • Two blank bidding boxes

The two boxes are where you submit your bid (the lowest amount you’re willing to pay) and your maximum bid (the highest amount you’re willing to pay). The system will automatically bid for you up to your max bid. This makes it incredibly easy to bid on, and win, items.

3. Item Pages

Most of the time each item will have its own page where the seller can upload additional photos. You’ll see close-ups, different angles, and detail shots so you can view exactly what you’re bidding on. In addition, most sellers will post pictures of any defects or signs of wear and tear.

If the pictures still haven’t convinced you to bid, remember you can always check to see if the seller is offering an in-person auction inspection.

Why Are BIDFTA Auctions So Special for Sellers?

A FastTrack Auction is a big deal for sellers. Why?

Auctions are always popular events because people know they can score big deals. The more people who can come to your auction, the better.

When you put your auction on the internet, you’re reaching as many people as possible, and your items have a much better chance at selling.

Plus, Fast Track Auctions makes it easy for you to sell as a business owner. They have plenty of options for however you want to sell your goods.

Business Asset Liquidations

If you’re own a business and need to get rid of a lot of inventory quickly, Fast Track It is a huge lifesaver. They work with you to help you clear out your stuff and get it sold, and you don’t have to do much work at all.

Third Party Warehouse Space

If you’re an independent seller and just need warehouse space, Fast Track Auctions offers space you can use for storage, plus a spot to sell your merchandise on their online marketplace.

The Easiest Way to Bid, Buy and Sell Is Here

Fast Track It is incredibly easy and convenient for buyers and sellers. The main location for Fast Track Auctions is in Columbus, Ohio, but they also have locations nationwide for storing, selling, and retrieving winning bids.

Overall, it’s a win-win for any collector, business owner, auction-hunter, or independent seller looking to score big deals or great sales.

Image Source: Adobe Stock

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